Today is Today


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We’re stoked to release ‘Today is Today’ by Jason Lipeles! A wonderful collection of poetry, found sound, music, conversation, family and friends. Available as a cassette from our store or as a digital download from our bandcamp (below).

1) Oh Wow
2) We Really Love You
3) Boys Work
4) I Want You
5) Today is Today
6) Today is Today (2)

7) Why Do They Continue To Argue?
8) Yeah I Can Feel That
9) Reincarnation (Hello, Hello)
10) In A Round


Side A: (1) “Air conditioner” by Janet Solval. Mom’s voice. (2) Guitar by Kim Ikuta. Grandpa’s voice. My voice. (3) Nicholas Muellner’s Voice. My voice. (4) Sarah’s voice. My voice. (5) My voice. (6) My voice.

Side B: (1) “Lunchtime news” by Janet Solval. My voice. (2) “Jax licking” and “Mechanic” by Janet Solval. My voice. (3) Grandma’s voice. Catherine Taylor’s voice. Kelsey Sucena’s voice. Laura Pierson’s voice. My voice. (4) My voice. Recorded by Abra Sussman at Nervous at Stories Bookstore.

All songs edited by Jason Lipeles.

Artwork by Janet Solval.



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